Loan and investment, how does it work?

Zensom specializes in providing P2P loans, with interest from 3.99% pa The company is registered with the Czech National Bank and is controlled by this body.

How to apply for a loan and what is needed?

How to apply for a loan and what is needed?

If someone wants to apply for a loan at Zensom, he / she enters his / her loan application at Sets the loan amount (20,000 to 750,000 crowns) and monthly installments (500 to 20,000 crowns) and fills in any other required information

However, to enter the Zensom credit system, to find your investor and finally allow a loan, you must:

  • Be of age
  • Be a citizen of the Czech Republic, EU or Ukraine
  • Have your own bank account in the Czech Republic

In order to prove these facts, the applicant must take a photo or scan and then upload several documents to the system:

  • Identity card or proof of permanent residence
  • Passport or driving or gun license
  • Insurance card
  • Bank statements from internet banking

What charges does Zensom charge?

What charges does Zensom charge?

If you want to borrow from Zensom, you will have a free bid, a loan, and an early repayment. Conversely, where the company “earns” it, it will be on interest (from 3.99% pa), on a one-off fee of 2% on the loan, and on non-compulsory insurance at 6.9% of the monthly installment. Read more about Zensom insurance below.

It is also true for investors that the creation and maintenance of an investor account is free of charge; however, fees that depend on the position in the rating are introduced. 

Insurance or Zensom’s life vest

Insurance or Zensom

As part of the Zensom Rescue Vest service, the client can arrange insurance. This is provided by Zensom in collaboration with Maxima Insurance Company, and provides assistance in the event of inability to repay, so that it can postpone payments. In this way, the rescue vest will not let the Zensom’s client sink the loan if you get into trouble during the repayment.

How to claim insurance? If Zonka’s customer pays insurance and you are in trouble of repayment as a result of long-term incapacity for work or loss of employment, it is sufficient to prove his / her status by incapacity or confirmation from the employment office.

The insurance rate is 6.9% of the monthly installment. The bonus is that if the insurance is not used within 1 year, the applicant will get back the amount of the monthly fee. 

Be a P2P investor at Zensom

Be a P2P investor at Zensom

Similarly to the applicant when applying for a loan, the future investor will also need two identity documents, a Czech mobile number and a bank account with a Czech bank.

Zones offer investors requests for loans from different clients, and they decide according to the level of risk and return. The yield is usually 5 – 7% per year. It is also true that more investors are involved in the loan, each of which can invest CZK 200 to 20,000..